NGCC – Fall semester 2021 – wrap up

Did you know that only 3% of girls consider technology as their first-choice career path? At NGCC we are working hard to change that number, and show them that technology can be the right choice! Over the last 3 years of Newburgh Girls Code Club, we have seen our girls grow, blossom, and accomplish amazing things as they learned from working with their peers and mentors.

As we start the new year we want to highlight what we’ve done in 2021, how meaningful and impactful NGCC was for last year’s students, and encourage all girls to join us in upcoming courses! In just a couple of hours each week, both in-person and online, they learn coding, creativity, and problem-solving, gain fun with team work and pair programming, and make new friends.

During the 2021 Fall semester, girls with different levels of coding knowledge, and a wide range of ages from 10 to 18, all came together to create an inspired, supportive, and innovative community that would go on to uplift them all. Even those who came to us shy and timid learned to engage in group work freely, and execute their ideas with confidence. They gained knowledge, assertiveness, interest to play and experiment, and learned to be brave, not perfect. They developed curiosity and bravery, gained computational thinking, and practiced mindfulness and heart opening techniques in a supportive sisterhood environment.

Some of the girls even joined us on stage at the biggest conference in Hudson Valley, giving them an opportunity to share their thoughts and interview successful women in the technological field during the Women In Tech panel. They asked thought-provoking questions, learned firsthand how to succeed in tech, and got career guidance and life advice from prominent mentors!

During our courses, the girls learned foundational computer science concepts like functions, conditionals, variables, and loops, which they used to create programs that expressed their passions and let them experiment with a variety of problems they could solve using coding. Some of their projects included quizzes that they coded themselves which aim to bring awareness to important topics like mental health, environmental preservation, and sexism. They were amazed to see how fun coding could be and how much impact they could make with it.

A multitude of coding skills was not the only thing they gained from being a part of the Newburgh Girls Who Code club. Teamwork, confidence, public speaking, problem-solving, and communication are extremely important to real-life and the girls developed all of these through the driven and passionate sisterhood in our club. Working with people like them, and being supported by their peers and mentors gave them a safe space to practice all of this in an environment that removed the fear of stepping out of the box and let them learn from their mistakes. No matter the level they came in at, they left us with the ability to use all these skills to take on anything they want. We can’t wait to see how far they go from here!

We would like to thank all the girls who participated in the Newburgh Girls Who Code club, and all of the amazing mentors and sponsors who worked with them, helped the girls see coding as a career option, and taught them so many valuable skills. The way that these girls opened themselves up to new experiences and became empowered is truly inspiring to all of us. Take an example from them and try something new today!

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