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Jump start 2020: Coding Club, Girls Who Code, Fast Track WebDev Bootcamp and more

Happy 2020 to all – let’s start it bright!

Here is a few activities to start with:

1. Monthly Coding Clubs in Newburgh are diverse, accessible, entertaining and background agnostic. Come to experience it, bring your curiosity and collaborative spirit, computers are provided )) Save the dates: every first Mondays of the month!

This Monday, January 6th the Coding Club will host the remarkable speaker: Leandra Tejedor, VidCode founder will share her startup story started at the Hackathon, and showcase VidCode programs and opportunities.
Exciting fact is Newburgh Free Library signed up with this platform and can share the access with it’s members.

2. Newburgh Girls Code Club info session for the Spring cohort will be held on Wednesday, January 8, from 6-7 pm at Newburgh Free Library on 124, Grand Street. We are accepting applications until Friday, January 17, 2020.

3. OpenHub and SUNY Ulster are accepting application for the only Web Development Bootcamp in the Hudson Valley. Each course can be taken separately based on your previous experience. Taken altogether these courses will provide a solid foundation in website development and the holistic business perspective one needs to implement a truly effective online business strategy, for your own business or for clients.

We are looking forward to another fruitful and collaborative year in tech – join us, spread the word, volunteer to build the momentum!

#HudsonValleyCanCode !

WordPress Plugins with Tom Morel – November 2019

Helpful Plugin/Development Links

Here are some documents I put together, some of which I used in class:

Links I often use as a Web Developer