OpenHub Announces Three Winter Bootcamps

It’s been a long, challenging and quite unique year unlike no other, and for many, one filled with isolation, hopelessness and uncertainty. However, one common thread has surfaced among all those who have successfully navigated the new, world terrain: a willingness to be versatile and open to new opportunities and growth.

Hudson Valley based entrepreneur, Yulia Ovchinnikova, has long been aware of the dire need of acquiring strong skill sets, possessing constant flexibility and having the support of a sense of community as they relate to the job market, specifically the technology field. Even before the Pandemic set in, Ovchinnikova envisioned a thriving technology-driven economy right here in the Hudson Valley. That exciting reality included like-minded individuals, businesses and stakeholders who fused together, promoting, training and guiding one another in mutually benefitting ways, ultimately creating a booming technology “hub.”

The OpenHub eventually evolved, and has already soared in just four years. In October, 2019 technology professionals gathered for a large, productive conference; another is scheduled for the spring of 2021. There have also been two tremendously successful Hackathons over the past two years, presenting stimulating and unforgettable opportunities for creative collaboration and even prizes. Perhaps, at the epicenter of it all is the potent education piece: Bootcamp offerings.

Over the last four years, 50+ students have taken advantage of the ONLY of their kind Bootcamp offerings in the Hudson Valley in specialty areas of: Web Development and IT Support. Each one lasting 6 months, costing less than $3,000, taught by professionals actively in the field, and carrying the promise of securing a job in that area of expertise. Options are also available to take just one course for the very reasonable price tag of $500. Regardless of which course you select, you will become empowered with current technology skills delivered by top professionals in their field and have the authentic opportunity to network with like-minded people, while developing hands-on skills that can directly translate to infinite job opportunities. 

Foundations of Information Technology

Second week of January 2021 we are launching the Foundations of Information Technology course with Orange Ulster BOCES! This course is an Introduction to Digital Skills, IT Support, and Web Development, all together – 300 Hours total (60 Sessions).

If you have no idea what tech can do for you or what you can do in tech / with tech, then the Foundations of Information Technology might be the best for you as an exploration while getting the employable skills!

This program is designed to provide students with the foundational skills necessary for various entry-level roles in IT Support and Web Development. Whether that is doing in-person or remote work, at a small company or a large enterprise organization, nearly every company whose employees use computers have a need for IT support professionals and web developers.
This course will begin by teaching students’ important prerequisite digital competencies to ensure that students from all backgrounds have the skills needed to complete the course and prepare for employment. From there students will go through both an IT Support and a Web Development module, meant to give students skills and exposure to a wide variety of career pathways in the tech field. Upon completion of the course, students will have the option to share their information with top employers hiring entry-level IT and web development professionals.

Topics covered in this course include the Google suite, digital resume building, effective IT job searching, Technical Support Fundamentals (Google certification), and Web Development fundamentals including learning how to use HTML5 and CSS.
Do you have a digital resume? Would you like to have one? 🙂

IT Support Certificate

Certified by Google, who works alongside a non-profit organization, and carrying the added plus of a professional certificate upon completion, IT Support Courses are slated to start in the second week of January, 2021. Produced by Google and taught by OpenHub, this Bootcamp requires no background knowledge, and can result in an assortment of innovative and integral job pathways. Running 30 weeks, it costs $2,495.00, and has the potential to reap countless dividends.

Web Development 

Also run by OpenHub and in collaboration with SUNY Ulster in Kingston is the Web Development Bootcamp which is set to kick off in the third week of January, 2021. The only one of its kind in the Hudson Valley, this Bootcamp revolves around a curriculum that is laden with in-demand skills and is rooted upon best, most current and applicable business practices. There are a total of 6 course offerings, each which can be taken separately. No prior experience is needed, and all of the instructors are Hudson-Valley based and professionals in the Web Development field. Running 27 weeks, this exciting, very relevant Bootcamp’s tuition is $2,954.

Data Analysis

Finally, the Data Analytics Bootcamp is being offered. Led by esteemed professor Cynthia V.Marcello who teaches at two major universities, this learning opportunity is extremely intense and hands-on, resulting in priceless job skills employees in the field are seeking. Running 27 weeks, this popular Bootcamp includes a three hour weekly lecture and carries a cost of $2,950. In addition to the classes for individuals, there is also an option catering to small businesses, aimed at analyzing date to inform decision-making, answering such queries as how to get there and where to start. Tallying a total of 9 hours, it costs just $250.

Whatever Bootcamp you select, you are guaranteed to be equipped with an expansive, extremely applicable new skill set delivered by top-notch instructors. Further, upon completing any one of these unique learning opportunities, you will not only have a new arsenal of highly marketable, in-demand abilities, but the authentic opportunity to share ideas and visions with others in your selected field, growing both professionally and personally, while potentially being able to give back to the increasingly expanding technology economy right here in the Hudson Valley.
To sign up for one of these truly one-of-a-kind, inspiring educational opportunities inquire with selected Bootcamp Link: