Why Python?

The 5 Biggest Reasons You Should Learn The Programming Language of Tomorrow… Today!
Python’s star continues to be on the rise. The powerful and popular programming language seems to grow more influential each day. Whether you’re a beginner learning to program for the first time, or an experienced programmer thinking about making the switch, there’s never been a better time to learn Python. Read on for the 5 biggest reasons you should learn to program with Python today!

5) It’s quick and easy to learn
For an experienced programmer, it’s very easy to make the switch to Python from any other language. But it’s also quick and easy for beginners to pick up, as well! With its simplified syntax and clean design philosophy, Python is one of the most accessible programming languages available. It’s designed to be easy to read and write. That readability makes it especially efficient to maintain and update.

4) It has versatile applications
Beyond being easy to learn and use, Python is also universal.
It’s designed to be a “general purpose” language, and its cross-platform compatibility makes it very powerful. Python supports many operating systems and, as an interpreted language, it enables you to run code on different platforms without recompiling. Learning Python makes you a versatile employee, too; you’ll be able to hop to a different industry without missing a beat.

3) It’s widely-used
Python is useful for almost any industry. Finance, healthcare, insurance. Aerospace, entertainment, web development. Python is even used in academia. Google started using Python for many applications in 2006, and even created a dedicated Python portal. Spotify and Netflix use Python for certain applications. And the Dropbox desktop client is entirely written in Python. And it won’t be going away anytime soon. Top computer science programs, such as at MIT and Berkely, are teaching students Python right now. So it really is the language of tomorrow!

2) It’s the language of data science and analytics
Python isn’t the only language used for data science and analytics, but it is among the most popular. Many data processing workloads, and most R&D all take place in Python. It also has amazing libraries that are often used for machine learning, and other applications. Demand for data science continues to rise, which puts anyone who knows Python in a great position for success.

Which brings us to the #1 reason you should learn Python today…

1) The Supportive Community
The Python community is over 30 years old, and they remain very active. That means there are plenty of tutorials and video guides, and lots of documentation. What’s more, there will always be somebody there to help you with any problem, any time. When it comes to learning an important new skill, help and support from a great community is always invaluable.
Honorable Mention: Inspired by Monty Python
Why is Python called Python? Because creator Guido van Rossum was watching Monty Python’s Flying Circus while developing the language. The Monty Python influence is still part of the Python culture today… keeping the language fun to use is always a priority.

As you can see, there are lots of great reasons to learn Python today. But where do you begin? By signing up for our OpenHub Data Analytics Bootcamp! Click here to learn more: https://openhubproject.com/bootcamps/data-analytics-bootcamp

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