Announcing Pivoteers 2.0!

Welcome to the reboot!

After completing our 5 part series: Pivoteers & Pioneers: Technology Enabled Recovery in the Age of Social Distancing, we are taking what we have learned and applying it to a reboot of our series.

  • The same great theme. 
  • New name: Pivoteers 2.0
  • New day: Every other Thursday
  • First episode Thursday, July 30
  • New time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm instead of 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
  • Every other episode – 1x/month – Tech in Education series, with panel discussions with a diverse array of education professionals.
  • Every other episode – 1x/month – featuring OpenHub’s tech professional community members.

Become a featured guest! 
A call for submitting for new talks will be announced soon.

Proposed themes:

  • Data, Open Data, Data driven culture
  • Cyber-Security, AI, Robotics, Coding, IT, WebDev
  • Local tech businesses and local uses of tech in traditional businesses

Who is Pivoteers 2.0 for?

  • Small and Medium Business Owners who want to grow using tech.
  • Emerging and professional tech-talent who want to be part of Hudson Valley’s tech community
  • Forward-thinking Local stakeholders believe in a strong and accessible
    tech-driven economy in the Hudson Valley is possible!


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