OpenHub is Congratulating our Summer 2020 Fast Track WebDev Bootcamp Grads!

Four years ago, OpenHub launched the Hudson Valley’s first WebDev Bootcamp and to this day it remains the gold standard for bootcamps in the Hudson Valley. As we celebrate 4 years of students, we add to the celebration with our announcement of our newest class of graduates!

OpenHub’s Fast Track Web Development Bootcamp focuses on essential,
in-demand skills and industry best practices. The curriculum is continually evolving and being updated to keeg current to today’s job market.

OpenHub’s Fast Track WebDev Bootcamp combines tech with entrepreneurship.

Our most recent curriculum began January 2020 and was hosted at SUNY Ulster’s Kingston Campus. The curriculum consisted of six comprehensive courses providing a solid foundation in website development and business skills to graduate with a truly relevant and effective strategy to starting an online business as a web developer or to obtain a job in web development.

OpenHub’s in person location until mid-March 2020.

Zero Attrition during Transition
to Remote Learning

The success of our program is proven by our students. During the six month program, including  during the historic pandemic shutdown, not a single student dropped out.

Overnight our in-person classes pivoted to remote sessions using the Zoom platform to conduct online classes. Office hours were also added to encourage one-on-one time with mentors. Replay of classes were made available and remain accessible to graduates to review or repeat material presented during this challenging period and as continuing support beyond graduation.

Our amazing class of 2020 Bootcampers stuck with the program until the end, despite many needs to pivot and other challenges due to the pandemic shutdown.

What We Learned:

Our curriculum and relationships continue to focus on the Hudson Valley. But the silver lining to the challenges confronted during the shutdown – we found our physical location is not the limit. During this time our local Hudson Valley relationships continue to strengthen. Zoom created opportunities such as giving every student a first-row seat.

Replay of class time served as a beneficial review to practice skills and complete homework in preparation for the next class. And students can share their work or problem-solve in real time with the entire class helping or observing.

The Secret Sauce

You are not in this alone. Joining OpenHub’s Fast Track Web Dev Bootcamp means that you are joining a community of learners and experts who are available for support during training and beyond.

OpenHub is Hudson Valley’s tech hub with a wide reach to network for support, internships and job advancement. OpenHub builds local opportunities and relationships toward a thriving and inclusive tech-driven Hudson Valley.

Online classes were supported with additional one-on-one office hours and recorded classes were made available for replay during program and beyond.

No prior experience is necessary to sign up. Courses are equally beneficial for beginners as those with previous expertise.

Many participants without prior experience elect to take advantage of office hours and OpenHub’s ‘2nd go-around’ offer.

Newbies are encouraged to repeat any module they self-elect to repeat while acquiring real world skills, learning additional topics, and best practices. These ‘2nd go-around’ students become mentors to the newer students further cementing their mastery while encouraging newcomers.

All our instructors are local, experienced professionals in the field of website development and technology, and are passionately involved in growing the local tech community. Graduates are encouraged to integrate into the local Hudson Valley tech community as ‘emerging tech-talent’ by joining our ongoing Meetups and networking opportunities.

SEO instruction is Google-certified and industry experts shared best practices and latest innovations

New Session Beginning January 2020!

Our successful program begins again in October. Taking all we have learned and moving forward, OpenHub’s Fast Track Web Development Bootcamp will be held 100% online. To learn more or sign up please follow the link below.

Attention: APPLY BELOW. Do NOT apply through the SUNY Ulster Office of Continuing and Professional Education. OpenHub’s Fast Track Web Devlopment Bootcamp will only be held online this session.

For more info or to register click the button below.

How We Form the Curriculum.
Our Guiding Principles:

  1. Technology relevant to market demand: 
    • Recent technologies, that are in demand now and relevant to getting hired
    • Newer technologies, that are simpler and more efficient, replace the previous semester’s module
    • Curriculum based on actual data, interviews and tests
    • Best Practices, all code must be sustainable, efficient, clean and readable
    • Complete, the modules build a solid and comprehensive foundation
  1. Curriculum prepares for real life:
    • Real life projects and components. Graduate with a project portfolio.
    • Interview prep. Lectures and office hours cover ongoing interview and client preparation throughout the modules.
  2. Curriculum combines business perspectives as well as soft skills: Marketing, Testing, BizDev, Information Architecture and UX analysis
  3. Our Academic Team spends a significant amount of time designing and updating our programming and curriculum. Updated criteria based on current real world and real-time industry needs.

We are so proud of our graduates! We welcome you to join our community of emerging tech-talent!

For more info or to register click the button below.

Why wait? We look forward to meeting you!

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