Starting Jan 2020 – Hudson Valley’s gold standard WebDev Bootcamp offered Online!

Four years ago, OpenHub launched the Hudson Valley’s first Web Development Bootcamp and to this day it remains the gold standard for bootcamps in the Hudson Valley. As we celebrate 4 years of graduates, we add to the celebration with our announcement of our moving to full-time online learning.

Based on our research we have developed a local student profile that is our north star to meet the needs of our enrollees. Learning from our former students and graduates we created a curriculum that is immediately useful. 

Many enrolees who were freelancers and junior developers complained of ‘being lost’ and needing support. We have had students who overcame their struggles with learning everything from PHP and child-themes for WordPress to others that needed a more holistic and full-stack understanding of WAMP/MAMP frameworks.

But what continues to make the difference is OpenHub’s large network of tech-professional community members. OpenHub’s community of ‘techies’ provide support, connections, and tips to get ahead. As a community building project, OpenHub supports collaboration and mutual support for ongoing learning to continually build resiliency, improve your skill base, and grow expertise. 

What We Learned:
Our physical location had some limits!

Until now, we ran our programming successfully at Suny Ulster.

However, we found the location actually set some limits that online learning removed:

  1. Every student now has a first-row seat
  2. Zoom Replay of class serves as a vital review to class and to practice skills
  3. Students can share their screen to problem solve and the entire class can help
  4. As the entire class coaches or create solutions to problems, confidence grows
  5. With chat, questions are asked, solutions posted, and resources shared
  6. Access issues of mobility and location were eased

OpenHub’s Fast Track Web Development Bootcamp curriculum and relationships continue to focus on the Hudson Valley. We are laser-focused on essential, in-demand skills and industry best practices. The curriculum continually evolves and updates to keep current to the demands of today’s job market needs.

New Session Beginning This Fall

Taking all we have learned and moving forward, OpenHub’s Fast Track Web Development Bootcamp will be held 100% online.

Our next successful session begins January 2020.
To learn more or sign up please fill out the form below.

    The curriculum consists of comprehensive courses providing a solid foundation in website development and business skills. Expect to graduate with a truly relevant and effective strategy to starting your own business as a web developer or obtaining the skills to get a professional position in an existing business.

    Use our network of 3,000 tech-professionals here in the Hudson Valley to promote your self and network your way toward your next goal!

    OpenHub’s Fast Track Web Devlopment Bootcamp will only be held online this session and outside SUNY’s system.
    (Do NOT apply through the SUNY Ulster Office of Continuing and Professional Education)

    The Secret Sauce

    You are not in this alone. Joining OpenHub’s Fast Track Web Development Bootcamp means you are joining a community of colleagues and experts who are available for support during training and beyond. 

    OpenHub is Hudson Valley’s technology hub with a wide reach to network for support, internships and job advancement.

    OpenHub builds local opportunities and relationships toward a thriving and inclusive tech-driven Hudson Valley.

    No prior experience is necessary to sign up.

    Courses are equally beneficial whether you are a beginner or someone who is looking to sharpen existing expertise. Many beginners elect to take advantage of office hours and OpenHub’s ‘2nd go-around’ offer.

    Beginners are encouraged to repeat any module they self-elect to repeat while acquiring real world skills, learning additional topics, and best practices. These ‘2nd go-around’ students become mentors to the newer students further cementing their mastery while encouraging newcomers.

    All our instructors are local, experienced professionals in the field of website development and technology, and are passionately involved in growing the local tech community. Graduates are encouraged to integrate into the local Hudson Valley tech community as ‘emerging tech-talent’ by joining our ongoing Meetups and networking opportunities.

    Fast Track Web Development Bootcamp Courses:

    To learn more or sign up please fill out the form below.

      Course Descriptions:

      ADA Compliance for Website: Why is it Important for Your Business?

      In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, many websites must now be built according to specifications that allow equal access to content for users who live with disabilities that alter how they navigate the World Wide Web. This also affects search engines and which websites will be selected in the top ranking positions when searched. This course provides an orientation to Website Content Accessibility compliance and how to optimize the websites you develop. 

      Website Planning: Objectives, Information Architecture, UX

      Business Objectives, User Experience and Information Architecture. 

      This course will teach how to define and distinguish Business Objectives from Website Goals, User Case from User Story and Wireframes from Information Architecture. In this course, students learn how to define and plan their website for the optimal conversion to business goals. 

      This course covers: Conversions and Call to Actions, Content structure, website building blocks, Information Architecture, User-centric Web Development, User Case, User Story and User Journey. Why and when you need to set up your Online marketing strategy, what is the difference between mockups and wireframes, where to start with your process and how to improve it.

      Website Development I: Website Construction Principles HTML5 & CSS FORM FOR MORE INFO MISSING ON LINK

      Students are provided with a hands-on introduction to the universal architecture of the web. This course covers website construction with HTML5 and CSS, file structure and hierarchy, design and usability concepts, accessibility-conscious coding, and website hosting and administration. Students will learn website development fundamentals hands-on by building a simple, professional-class website in class. 

      Website Development II: Multi-Page Websites, CSS Strategies

      Students will extend their knowledge of HTML5 & CSS in building multi-page websites. Students will explore CSS strategies for managing multi-column layout, responsive design principles, and how to code a website from a design mockup. The course will also cover CSS drop-down menus, tables, forms, and embedded media. 

      Website Development III: Building Blocks of Dynamic Websites

      Students will discover the power of dynamic website coding with an introductory examination of PHP and MySQL. In this course, students will implement basic dynamic functions with PHP and will hand-code a simple PHP-MySQL application to produce a dynamically-generated blog page. Students will examine similarities between their application and open source Content Management Systems like WordPress and use what they learned to migrate an existing WordPress website. Prerequisite: Website Development II or equivalent knowledge (instructor-approved).

      Intro to JavaScript / jQuery

      This course is designed for JavaScript novices who have little or no experience with the language. Students will learn the structure of JavaScript – variables, scope, control flow, functions. Students will create code that interacts with DOM and adds interactive behavior to a website. The course will discuss best practices and introduce jQuery – a widely used JavaScript library.

      SEO and Website Optimization – Google Certified

      This course examines the interplay between clear business messaging and search engine optimization. Principles covered include: Niche Service, Location, Speed, Proper Website Structure, Blogs, Target Keywords, Tags, Metadata, Google Analytics basics, Google Search Console basics, AdWords basics, Tips and Tricks.

      Who Is This Course For? 

      Website Developers:

      • Demystify and master coding
      • Increase the value you can provide to clients on content development and website design
      • Know the most important keys to leverage for Search Engine Optimization, SEO


      • Understand how your websites can leverage the internet for optimal business strategy
      • Save time and money with website professionals you hire
      • Build your website for your own business endeavors

      Reskilling / Upskilling:

      • Improve employability by developing a universally-needed skill set
      • Begin a new career
      • Empower yourself to build an effective website presence for a personal passion or business endeavor

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